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Wool Dauber
Category: tools

Fiebing`s Suede Leather Dye

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Category:FIEBING'S Dyes & Finishes
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Fiebing`s Suede Leather Dye
Professional Suede Dye is created specifically for all types of suede.
Excellent coverage and superior color fastness.
Use for: Suede shoes, boots, handbags, jackets, etc.
It penetrates deeply and dyes thoroughly! All the colours are easy to mix to create a large palette of middle tones. 
Preparation and dyeing
Prepare suede or roughout article by brushing with suede brush to remove dirt 
Use a wool-dauber for dyeing or our little high density sponges.
Wear rubber gloves and fill the dye in a little glas bowl.
For dyeing suede it is important to dye twice in order to obtain the best stain coverage possible and an even result. After each dyeing process allow to dry for at least 12 hours.
When thoroughly dry, brush the leather with a suede brush to restore the suede look and raise the nap 
Rub the leather with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess pigments.
After drying you should impregnate the leather with a high quality impregnation spray to fix the colour.
Packing 118 ml
Product of Fiebing's, USA


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