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Carnauba Creme Fiebing's

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Category:Creams and waxes for leather
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Fiebing's Carnauba Creme 
Fiebing's Carnauba Creme is a blend of high quality waxes (amongst others carnauba wax).
It can be used as a finish on freshly dyed or undyed leather. Also very suitable for leather care and for renovating old and new leather goods.
Although there are many different leather care products, wax, along with oils and greases, has turned out to be particularly suitable.
Fiebing's Carnauba Creme guarantees for a durable wax finish which is water and stain resistant and nourishes the leather at the same time.
Carnauba wax is a wax that is obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba palm growing in Brazil and is known as one of the most stable waxes. It is processed before being used as a protective coating for leather, for ex. It represents no health hazard and is perfume free.
We recommend usage only on smooth leathers.
118 ml
Fiebing's, USA


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