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BONAPUR ® S-5 4kg

Unit Price:€ 60.00
Weight:4.000 Kg.
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The BONAPUR ® S-5 adhesive is intended primarily for application with a gun for the automotive, leather, textile and other industries. It is used for bonding soft and hard PVC, foams, textile materials, natural and synthetic leather, cork, cork composites, rubbers, ABS, plastic composites reinforced with glass fiber GFK, FRP, steel, aluminum, painted metals with each other and in various combinations. It is especially useful as a one-component or two-component adhesive in thermoforming and laminating processes with the use of presses, gluing PVC, PUR profiles and rubber materials.
Directions for use:
BONAPUR ®   S-5 glue and the glued materials should have a temperature of at least 18 o C. Before use, mix the glue thoroughly, especially after adding a hardener, eg Dancure 246-06. The adhesive with hardener must be used up within 8 hours, because after that time it gels and is not suitable for use. The materials to be glued must be clean and dry. Apply the adhesive in an even layer on both glued surfaces using a pneumatic gun. After drying, the material optionally activate at a temperature of approx. 40-50 ofC for 2-5 minutes, then connect the glued elements and press evenly. The condition for obtaining proper adhesion is to apply a sufficiently thick layer of glue. The joint obtains the highest strength after 2 days from gluing. In case of insufficient adhesion to aluminum, steel, PP polypropylene, PE polyethylene, EPDM and other low-energy plastics, use BONAROS 3ME or BONAROS EVA PRIMER primer according to separate instructions. Use ACETONE BONAROS to wash the equipment and remove dirt, if necessary.
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