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Aerosol glue Bonifix Moto, 500 ml

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Unit Price:€ 8.00
Weight:0.500 Kg.

Aerosol glue Bonifix Moto, 500 ml

BOCHEM BONIFIX MOTO is a single-component contact adhesive based on synthetic rubber for professional use in the automotive industry.
It is recommended for bonding headliner, upholstery, carpeting in cars, trailers, and yachts.
It is used for bonding
- foams,
- nonwovens
- rubber
- upholstery materials (leather, leatherette, upholstery fabrics),
both with each other and with wood, metal and some plastics (PP, ABS, HIPS)
Not suitable for bonding polystyrene foam, soft PVC and PVC-coated materials.
The material to be coated with the adhesive must have a temperature of at least 15 oC and a surface: dry, degreased and dust-free. Shake before use. Spray evenly in a thin layer from 10-20 cm onto both surfaces to be bonded. Apply the adhesive in such a way that when joining the elements, one has the adhesive layer applied vertically and the other horizontally (the adhesive joints should cross each other). The adhesive layer should be applied precisely in order to achieve maximum strength. In the case of absorbent surfaces and materials (e.g. leather, leather, etc.), apply the adhesive twice. Wait approx. 60 seconds, bond the parts and press evenly. The use of a press, roller pressure or hammering significantly improves adhesion. To increase the strength of the bond, the smooth surfaces of the parts to be bonded should be sanded and the metal surfaces should be derusted. The joint reaches full strength after 24 hours.


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